Message by the Chair Person

Mrs. Tasneem Mehmood, born in a prominent family of Kashmir origin at Lahore, always has taking keen interest in the humanitarian activities since her early school days. She had always been concerned about the welfare of the fellow adverse classmates. Following the sad demises of her parents, she became more concerned with the plight of orphans, especially those belonging to the down trodden segments of the society. She had always been helping the needy families secretly with the help and support of her friends deliberately especially in the wedding of poor girls, particularly orphans and in fulfilling the educational needs of the poor children.

Having been inspired by the encouraging support of her friends in Pakistan and abroad, she resolved to continue her humanitarian activities in a planned manner in the event of unfrequented devastating floods in 2010. Accordingly, she established her Chaoun Welfare Trust with the initial support of all family members and close friends. Since its inception, the trust has been able to render unprecedented services for the flood affecters, distributing relief goods including clothing, household utensils, food items, bedding, medicines, and cash among the flood affecters of Nowshera, Charsada, Swat, Guwalarai, Matta, Chaprial etc.

All relief operations were carried and under the direct supervision of Mrs. Tasneem Mehmood herself with voluntary support of her husband, children, family members, friends and well-wishers. Volunteers from various organizations such as PIA collected donated goods from donors in Canada and UK for the relief operation, which were cleared with the help of NDMA and distributed among the affecters through personal efforts and with the help of volunteers.

Besides active participation in the flood relief operation, Mrs. Tasneem has also been actively associated with different orphanages by helping the inmate orphans in their need especially in the weddings of orphan girls.

Furthermore, she has also taken keen interest in establishing free dispensaries and vocational training centers for women and basic education schools for the dwellers of slums and less developed areas of the twin cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. She wants to build a Shelter home for the homeless women and poor children.

Mrs. Tasneem has resolutely desired to work for the welfare of the down trodden people and the needy persons belonging to lower and lower middle class people. She has wholly devoted herself for the welfare of the poor for the rest of her life.

Chaoun Welfare Trust is the only welfare organization, which is working with the cooperation of volunteers and supporters without incurring a penny on account of administrative expenses meeting all expenses from her own meager resources.